Mykola Gapeyev - Ocean Shipyard

Mykola Gapeyev

Head of Marketing

“The shipyard’s owner made his bet on the success of shipbuilding in his native region, and the main task had been set for all of us – to restore the glory of Mykolaiv shipyard “Ocean”.

Shipyard today is a very interesting asset for the international market. We really have unique production facilities. We have a unique dry dock. We have a unique small line, which consists of a floating dock of the second shipyard and a boathouse, we are able to roll the vessels ashore and lower them in the same way – to build and repair.

We understand that in order to be a serious player, we need to invest in the modernization and reconstruction of the plant, which is what Ocean shipyard is doing now. This is the first stage we have to do, and we do it” – says Mykola Gapeyev.


In 2011 Mykola Gapeyev graduated from Lviv Polytechnic National University. Specialty and qualification: Master of Consolidated Information. In 2013-2017 worked as a leading marketing specialist at Ukrainian Builder LLC (Ukraine, Mykolaiv). Developed and implemented investment projects of oil extraction plant for Bunge (USA) and grain terminal for COFCO agri (China).

From 2017 to January 2019 – CEO of Metal Stevedoring Company LLC.

Working on current and new projects: new building of inland vessels,  fishing trawlers, conversion of fleet, ship repair of high tonnage vessels with modernization according to new requirements of IMO


Mykola Gapeyev is available via:


tel.: +38 067 265 40 90