Metal processing - Ocean Shipyard

Metal processing

Ocean shipyard produces the steel constructions of non-marine purpose – supports for wind generators, bridge spans, building components for quick-mounted buildings and others. The shipyard also gives the services on steel processing and bending.


During 2018-2019, the plant completed the construction of steel structures for the following objects:

  • Reconstruction of the traffic intersection at the crossroads of Prospert Peremohy and Hetman street in Solomenskiy and Shevchenkivsky districts (Shulyavsky overpass) in Kyiv.
  • Bridge overpasses on the new bypass road around the city of Poltava, as well as elements of overpasses on the road Poltava-Alexandria.
  • Construction of a bridge in Ivano-Frankivsk across the river Bystrica-Solotvinska.
  • Construction of pedestrian-bicycle bridge crossing Volodymyr hill in the Pechersk and Shevchenkivsky districts of Kyiv.
  • Metalwork of gas pipelines and silos for the Azovstal Steel Plant.