Who we are - Ocean Shipyard

Who we are

The Ukrainian Navy (civil, merchant and military) needs a major overhaul. Ukraine has its own facilities for the construction of modern vessels and warships of all types. This is our advantage and a window of opportunity.

Shipbuilding of an industrial scale can be a catalyst for our country’s economy. One job in shipbuilding will give jobs to up to ten specialists in related industries. The funds invested in shipbuilding will stimulate investment in other areas and will contribute to the economic growth of the whole country.


The Ocean shipyard, like the Ukrainian economy, is rising from its knees after devastating crises. Much has been lost. But despite all that, the shipyard managed to preserve the industrial potential and the foundation of the professional team. We restore quality standards laid by the Damen Shipyards Group  in 2000-s.

In December 2018 “Ocean” “returned home” having received the Mykolaiv’s owner.

In 2019 the shipyard lives loaded with complicated orders for the manufacture of metal structures for bridges, overpasses and the needs of the mining and processing industry. We are increasing the volume of ship repair. We are attracting more and more Ukrainian specialists from different specialties. And we are laying the groundwork for building the capacity needed for shipbuilding.

After all, our desire is to help the State revive its fleet, return Ocean’s name to the world map of shipbuilding and ship repair, give shipbuilders a decent job and pay, and ultimately bring highly qualified specialists, who are now forced to work abroad, home to Ukraine.

With Ocean in our hearts!