Ship repair & modernization - Ocean Shipyard

Ship repair & modernization

The biggest in Ukraine dry dock (354х60х17m) with pre-dock area (49х227m), equipped by two gantry cranes with lifting capacity of 320 tons each (lifting capacity in pair is 570 tons) and 4 bridge cranes (of 80 tons each), outfitting quay №1 with the length of 420 m equipped by two bridge cranes (with lifting capacity of 32 tons each) allow to repair Panamax, Aframax, Suez-Max types.

The advantages of the Ocean dry dock are the unique anteroom of more than 35,000 square m and a dry dock shutter that divides the dock into flooded and unheated parts in different proportions (4 combinations available) and allows two or more vessels to work simultaneously if construction and repair cycles differ.

Steel supply is carried out via the railway to the mechanized warehouse of 5120 square metres. Under average plate thickness of 13mm and pile height of 900 mm it is possible to stock 24300 tons of profiled rolled steel. The warehouse is equipped by two bridge cranes with lifting capacity of 20 tons each.

Clearance and priming of rolled and profile steel is made on two installations for shot blasting of Vogel company. After priming each plate is marked with card number for cutting. Production capacity of the equipment ensures clearance and priming of about 17300 plates and 22000 profiles per year.

Cutting of plate details with the plate thickness from 5 mm to 24 mm and with parameters up to 3,2х16 m is carried out under water by bridge machines of plasma cutting NUMORREX NXB-4500 and TELEREX TXB-10200. Cutting of stiffeners is made on installations for oxygen cutting MESSER GRIESHEIM. Gas-cutting machines TELEREX TXА-50 and TELEREX TXА-80 enable to cut the plates with the thickness from 25 mm to 150 mm.

Bending of plate and profile rolled steel with the biggest plate width of 16 m and thickness of 55 mm is made by “Nichimen” mills and hydraulic press tonnage of 350, 800 и 1250 tons.

Assembling and welding of steel constructions is made on modern equipment of «ESAB» and «Kemppi» companies using the high-quality welding materials. Automated, semi-automated and manual welding are used in the shipyard. All welding materials and procedures are certified by class societies (SRU, LR, DNV, GL, BV, RMRS).

Anticorrosion protection of vessel constructions is ensured by painting materials of «Hempel», «Jotun», «Sigma Coatings», «International Paint» companies.

Transportation of sections and blocks is carried out by «Commetto» trailer with lifting capacity of 350 tons, equipped by board computers that automatically define the gravity centre of cargo, and by two «Scheuerle» trailers with lifting capacity of 320 tons each (in pair work it is possible to transport the blocks up to 600 tons).

In spite of the difficult situation both for the company and for shipbuilding in general, the shipyard supports its activity by performing the works in shiprepair, producing the different types of steel constructions, by giving the services on transshipment and storage the cargoes.

The following types of shiprepair and conversion works are fulfilled by the company:

  • dock repair of vessels;
  • overboard valves repair;
  • repair of the propeller and steering equipment;
  • repair of shafts with stern tube replacement;
  • repair of anchors, anchor chains and drives;
  • repair of hulls and hull constructions of the vessels with replacement of any scope of steel constructions;
  • all types of surface preparation and painting;
  • repair of main and auxiliary engines and devices;
  • systems and pipelines repair;
  • repair of all types of watertight hatches;
  • repair of vessel electrical equipment and automatic facilities;
  • repair of vessel mechanisms, devices and equipment;
  • modernization and reconstruction of vessels under the requirements of class societies.