The dry cargo ship VOLGO-BALT 235 came to the shipyard OCEAN

The dry cargo ship VOLGO-BALT 235 came to the shipyard OCEAN to perform dock repairs Among the
repair works there is going to be survey of defects, restoration and painting of the outer hull structures,
repair of coamings and hatch covers, screw-stern device, anchor-mooring devices, bottom-outboard
fittings, etc. According to the specification of repair, 40 tons of metal is going to be replaced.

The dry cargo ship VOLGO-BALT, project 2-95A/R, was built in 1981 at the Závody ťažkého strojárstva
shipyard in Slovakia. General characteristics:
Length, m – 113.92
Beam, m – 13.00
Board height, m ​​- 5.50
Draft, m – 3.70
Deadweight, t – 3581
Speed, knot – 8

A training boat Pivdennyi came to shipyard Ocean for repair works

A training boat of the Naval Forces of Ukraine “Pivdennyi” came to the shipyard Ocean to perform dock repairs.
Pivdennyi – a boat built in 1975 at the shipyard Wisla in Poland.

General characteristics:
Length, m – 28.80
Breadth, m – 6.50
Draft, m – 1.85
Displacement, t – 142.6
Main engine, hp – Wola DM150, 2 x 150
Speed, knot – 10.5
Crew, persons – 14 + 28

Shipyard Ocean taken over NEW CAP dry cargo ship for repair

Dry cargo vessel New Cap came to shipyard Ocean for repair works.
The following repair works are planned to be done: restoration of hatch covers, external cladding and hull structures, screw-stern device, anchor-mooring device, bottomed fittings, etc.

Repair of hatch covers of the McGregor system looks especially interesting work. It is a closure with a rolling mechanism consisting of several box-shaped sections connected by chains. To open the hold, the hatch sections are moved on rollers along the coamings by means of a cable transmission. To repair the hatch covers, you will need to disassemble, restore the elements and reassemble the McGregor mechanism. The work of any complexity will be qualitatively performed by the shipyard Ocean and we will acquaint you with its stages.

The NEW CAP vessel is intended for transportation of general cargoes. Built in 1997 at the Baltija Shipbuilding Yard in Klaipeda, Lithuania. General characteristics:
Length, m – 102.83
Beam, m – 15.85
Draft, m – 4.00
Deadweight, t – 5820
Speed, knot – 10.8


SOLKA 2 vessel has docked for repairment at the Shipyard Ocean

On April 8, SOLKA 2 vessel has docked for repairment at the Shipyard Ocean. Among the repair works there is going to be survey of defects, cleaning, restoration and painting of the outer hull and tank structures, repair of the sea valves, screw-stern device, etc.
SOLKA 2 – a vessel of the Volga-Balt type for transportation of bulk cargoes. Built in 1970 at the Závody ťažkého strojárstva shipyard in Slovakia. General characteristics:

Length, m – 113.92
Width, m – 13.00
Depth, m – 3.70
Deadweight, t – 3581
Speed, knot – 8

Expedition yacht Atalante docked at the shipyard Ocean

March 22, Expedition yacht Atalante came to shipyard Ocean for docking works. The ship will be expected, cleaned, restored and painted on the outer hull before the new long voyage. As well as repair of screw-stern device, bottom-out valves etc are to be done.

The yacht was built in 1961 by order of the Belgian Government at the shipyard Beliard, Crighton et Cie in Ostend city for scientific research in Arctic. 15 years Atalante worked in the North Seas.
In 1961 the Swede Peterson, who lived in Monaco got ownership of the ship. This enthusiast founded the Monaco Maritime Museum, which still houses the ship’s log and some attributes of Atalante.

Today Atalante carries the sailing equipment of Bermudian ketch. The yacht has a steel hull and developed steel bulkhead with decks. Built according to the rules of the classification society Lloyd’s Register. The yacht has 8 cabins to accommodate 12 people, including 4 crew members.

General characteristics of the yacht ATALANTE:
Length, m – 30.27
Length along the waterline, m – 26.50
Beam, m – 6.05
Water draft, m – 2.40
Displacement, t – 10
Category of seaworthiness – A
Main engine, hp – 1 x 180, Sulzer
Fuel tank, l – 11700
Water tank, l – 3200

Supervisory Board of Shipyard Ocean establishment

By the decision of the owner of the Shipyard Ocean the Supervisory Board of the enterprise was created. The new governing body will provide strategic planning related to defense projects, as well as international relations and investment attraction.

Viktor Tsoklan has been appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Okean Shipyard.

Serhiy Hursky has been appointed General Director of LLC Shipyard Ocean.

Large hydrographic boat “A. Lysenko” repair

The repair of a large hydrographic boat “A. Lysenko” started at shipyard Ocean. According to the specification for repair, the following works to be done: furbishing, survey of defects, renovation and painting of external hull plating, build up, premises, constructions and tanker; restoration of hatch covers and glass part; ground tacking, sea valves and steering gear repair, rudder device and marine shaft; main engine system repair, pipelines, electromechanical part, etc.

Large hydrographic boat “A. Lysenko », the BGK-180 project, built in 2005 at the Nikolaev Low-tonnage Shipyard. General characteristics:
The biggest length, m – 18.73
Width, m – 5.28
Board height, m – 3.05
The biggest water draft, m – 1.80
Main engine, kW – diesel, 210
Deadweight – 7.92

Photo credit (c) Pavlo Protsenko

New General Director of Shipyard Ocean has been appointed

Viktor Tsoklan has been appointed to the position of General Director of the Shipyard Ocean. News were announced by the shipyard shareholder Kapatsyna V. M, during the meeting with the enterprise staff, where the introduction of the new head of the shipyard took place. Mr. Kapatsyna lays hopes on Mr.Tsoklan as an effective manager and is counting on his experience at a time when Ocean is facing new challenges and accomplishments. From his side, Mr.Tsoklan confirmed that he sees a big potential in Shipyard Ocean and will make every effort to return the company to the global level together with the team.

“The main thing which we shall do along with the team now is to prepare the most technical and technological conditions at the enterprise for shipbuilding and ship repair, and develop cooperation with international partners.”- underlined Viktor Tsoklan his aims for the upcoming months.

Biographical track record

Tsoklan Victor Ivanovich was born in 1965. Graduated from Lviv Higher Military-Political School. After serving in the army he graduated Faculty of Law of Lviv State University named after I. Franko.
In 1992-2000 he was engaged in private legal practice, was elected a deputy of the Transcarpathian Regional Council, a member of the board of the Legislative Center “European Choice”.
2000 -2003 – Head of the Legal Support Department of the State Administration of the President of Ukraine.
2003 – 2004 – Deputy of the Head of the Mykolayiv Sea Commercial Port for Commercial Activities and Legal Support.
2004 – 2005 – General Director of the State Enterprise “International Children’s Center” Artek “.
In 2007 was appointed Head of Institution of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine.
December 2007 – March 2010 – Deputy of the Minister of Justice of Ukraine.
Since 2010 he has been involved in the legal support of investment projects in the European Union.
In 2004, by the decree of the President of Ukraine, he was awarded the title of Honored Lawyer.

Dry cargo vessel RUBUS enters Ocean shipyard, the repair to be done within a month

Dry cargo vessel RUBUS enters Shipyard Ocean, all repair work is planned to be done in a 30 days.

Monday, November 2, Ocean’s floating dock accommodates dry cargo vessel RUBUS for repair.
Ocean competed with five other ship repair yards for this contract.

The final decision of the owner was made thanks to the Ocean’s repair infrastructure that allows to do the work in the shortest framework of time while optimizing repair budget.

Thus Shipyard’s Ocean floating dock allows you to take on repair vessels with the length up to 140m and 20m width, roll out them from the dock on the berth. With the help of crane equipment (80-ton cranes) it is possible to remove hatch covers and repair them on the slipway which simplifies the renovation technology.

According to the renovation plan the next works are to be done: furbishing, survey of defects, repair and painting of the plating, ballast tank and hull constructions, restoration of sea valves and protectors, repair of rudder device and stern tube, ground tacking repair, main engine system, water pumps, pipelines, electric parts, hatches etc.

The renovation will take 30 days which was one of the main conditions of the customer during the contract signing.

The RUBUS vessel is intended for transportation of general cargoes. Built in 1992. General characteristics:
Length, m – 107.98
Width, m – 16.40
Precipitation, m – 6,373
Deadweight, t – 5930.90
Gross capacity, t – 3958
Board height, m – 7.85
Number of holds – 2
The dimensions of the hold №1, m – 38.80×13.30×8.30
The dimensions of the hold №2, m – 26.80х13.30х8.30
The total volume of holds, cubic meters – 2360.69
Main engine, kW – 3630, Man B&M