Ocean shipyard is included in the register of a state contracts’ executors

In accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №233 from 17.03.2021 and orders of the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine №162 from 02.09.2021 and №146 from 10.08.2021, Ocean shipyard is included in the electronic register of state contracts’ executors for the performance of works and services: construction of ships, boats and auxiliary fleet for the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; conversion and repair of the fleet of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

The organization of manufacture, technological processes and equipment of the Shipyard Ocean fully meets the readiness to perform the following works mentioned above, and we assure of a responsible attitude to their implementation.

Ocean Shipyard is the best tax payer

By the results of an annual city competition “The best entrepreneur of the year in Mykolaiv” the Ocean shipyard won in nomination of “The best taxpayer”. Serhiy Gurskiy, General Director, received the well-deserved award on behalf of the shipyard. This victory is the result of work of the entire “Ocean” team, as well as evidence of our conscientious attitude to the norms of open and transparent business. We will make every effort to win and maintain supremacy in all spheres of business.

Repair of dredger MAMORA

MAMORA dredger came for urgent repair to the Ocean shipyard. According to the repair list, cleaning, restoration and painting of the outer skin, venting system’ repair, inspection and restoration of mechanisms, etc. will be done.

MAMORA is a universal vessel for dredging and excavation works. Built in 1973 at the Beliard Polyship Scheepswerf in Ostend, Belgium.
General characteristics:
Length, m – 68.08
Beam, m – 12.35
Draft, m – 3.60
Deadweight, t – 1490
Gross tonnage 1252
Speed max, knot – 7.9

Shipyard Ocean complete the construction of dry cargo vessel, “Bug” type

Modernization and completion of the dry cargo vessel prototype17620 type Bug, order 130 started at the
shipyard Ocean. Currently metal cutting and preparing for the assembly of sections is in the process.

In the process of modernization raft body will be inserted in the hull for operational characteristics
improvement of the vessel. The increase of deadweight with the same fuel consumption will eventually
reduce the cost of transportation.

This is a universal dry cargo ship for transportation of general, bulk and container cargoes developed in the
Central Design Bureau Chornomorsudnoproekt. Chief engineer – A.V. Korzhenovsky.
From 2005 to 2007, a series of complete vessels of 9 pieces proptotype 17620 were built at the shipyard

Two more orders, building numbers 130 and 131, remained unfinished and today the works are resumed.

General characteristics of vessels pr. 17620 before modernization:
The length is the largest, m – 126.80
Beam, m – 16.60
Board height, m – 6.70
Draft / sea, m – 3.60 / 4.80
Deadweight river / sea, t – 3800/6300
Speed, knot- 15.5
Power GD, kW – 1935
Crew, persons – 12
Weight of steel, t – 1904 – 1946

General Director of the Shipyard Ocean – Sergiy Gurskyi had a speech at the round table “Transport. Logistics. Infrastructure”

On June 11 th , General Director of the Shipyard Ocean – Sergiy Gurskyi had a speech at the round table
“Transport. Logistics. Infrastructure.” Which was organized in partnership with International Legal Service
Interlegal, EBA South Ukrainian office and UPSS Terminals.

The event was held to discuss the activities of shipbuilding and shipping industries in the current state of
the legislative field and to find ways to improve the business climate.

In his report Mr. Gurskyi spoke about the prospects of ship repair in Ukraine and outlined proposals for the
industry state support. In particular, he proposed to normalize the requirements for enterprises that can
apply for tenders for civil ship repair, similar to those currently in force for the repair of ships of the
Ukrainian Navy. It was also discussed the urgent need of improving the conditions of the loan for
shipbuilding companies through government compensation or bank guarantees.

The shipyard Ocean will keep taking active part in the events aimed to develop industry business and
search of best ways for country development.

The dry cargo ship VOLGO-BALT 235 came to the shipyard OCEAN

The dry cargo ship VOLGO-BALT 235 came to the shipyard OCEAN to perform dock repairs Among the
repair works there is going to be survey of defects, restoration and painting of the outer hull structures,
repair of coamings and hatch covers, screw-stern device, anchor-mooring devices, bottom-outboard
fittings, etc. According to the specification of repair, 40 tons of metal is going to be replaced.

The dry cargo ship VOLGO-BALT, project 2-95A/R, was built in 1981 at the Závody ťažkého strojárstva
shipyard in Slovakia. General characteristics:
Length, m – 113.92
Beam, m – 13.00
Board height, m ​​- 5.50
Draft, m – 3.70
Deadweight, t – 3581
Speed, knot – 8

A training boat Pivdennyi came to shipyard Ocean for repair works

A training boat of the Naval Forces of Ukraine “Pivdennyi” came to the shipyard Ocean to perform dock repairs.
Pivdennyi – a boat built in 1975 at the shipyard Wisla in Poland.

General characteristics:
Length, m – 28.80
Breadth, m – 6.50
Draft, m – 1.85
Displacement, t – 142.6
Main engine, hp – Wola DM150, 2 x 150
Speed, knot – 10.5
Crew, persons – 14 + 28

Shipyard Ocean taken over NEW CAP dry cargo ship for repair

Dry cargo vessel New Cap came to shipyard Ocean for repair works.
The following repair works are planned to be done: restoration of hatch covers, external cladding and hull structures, screw-stern device, anchor-mooring device, bottomed fittings, etc.

Repair of hatch covers of the McGregor system looks especially interesting work. It is a closure with a rolling mechanism consisting of several box-shaped sections connected by chains. To open the hold, the hatch sections are moved on rollers along the coamings by means of a cable transmission. To repair the hatch covers, you will need to disassemble, restore the elements and reassemble the McGregor mechanism. The work of any complexity will be qualitatively performed by the shipyard Ocean and we will acquaint you with its stages.

The NEW CAP vessel is intended for transportation of general cargoes. Built in 1997 at the Baltija Shipbuilding Yard in Klaipeda, Lithuania. General characteristics:
Length, m – 102.83
Beam, m – 15.85
Draft, m – 4.00
Deadweight, t – 5820
Speed, knot – 10.8