The arrest of Oсean shipyard facilities has been canceled.

Pechersk District Court of Kyiv removed the arrest from the integral property complex of PJSC «Mykolaiv shipyard «Ocean».

The court adopted the corresponding decision on 24th of July, 2020, considered the petition of the shipyard`s owner Vasyl Kapatsyna. The arrestment on the property complex of the shipyard was imposed in January 2020 the year, on the initiative from the Prosecutor General’s Office. The decision of the court held: “the prosecution has not provided proofs of the fact that the arrest was necessary.”

“The assertion about the necessity of arrest, which some prosecutors insisted on, is based not on a facts, but rumors” Vasyl Kapatsyna commented the court ruling. According to him, “the criminal arrest led to the loss foreign contracts, which could guaranteed the inflow of more than UAH 218 million of foreign investment in Ukraine”.

Vasyl Kapatsyna became the owner of the shipyard in December 2018 by acquired it at an open auction. At this time, the enterprise was in a state of liquidation and had multimillion-dollar debts, and even earlier, in 2013, it was declared bankrupt.

After the change of ownership, in 2019, Ocean started again newbuilding. Two push barges for Dutch company Eurobulk (Toux group) was manufactured in April 2020 and nowadays after removing of the arrest shipyard will return to negotiation with several potential Customers in newbuilding, also shipyard works in ship repair and conversion project.

In addition, the “Ocean” has successfully executed several contracts for manufacturing of metal structures for bridges structures, including those for Shuliavska`s bridge and Volodymyrska girka in Kiev, Poltava and Ivano-Frankivsk bridges and nowadays working in huge Zaporizha bridge project.

Investor lawfully bought Ocean shipyard at auction in December 2018 – Court decision

Ocean shipyard case: the court confirmed the legality of the purchase of the yard by the investor.

The Economic court of the Nikolaev region on February 14 rejected the claim for invalidating the results of the auction for the sale of the property complex of PJSC Nikolaev Shipbuilding Plant “Ocean”, the decision was announced by judge Tatyana Davchenko.

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Several offshore companies, as well as Anatoly Nemov, who positions himself as the head of the union of the Plant, although he is not one, went to court in the bankruptcy case of PJSC Nikolaev Shipbuilding Plant “Ocean”. They asked the court to invalidate the results of the auction on December 3, 2018 for the sale of Ocean property. But the fact is that all who asked to cancel the auction – in fact, can be considered related to bringing PJSC Nikolaev Shipbuilding Plant Ocean to bankruptcy.

“The court put an end to, the satisfaction of the claims was denied. The auction is recognized as being held in full compliance with the law. Any insinuations should be discontinued. The court noted that the decision comes into force from the moment it is proclaimed, and no one can say that something was wrong after the court’s decision” – the representative of the Ocean shipyard investor Vasyl Kapatsyna, lawyer Sergey Panchenko commented the court decision.

The property complex of the Ocean shipyard was sold at auction on December 3, 2018 for 122,195,000 UAH to the investor from Mykolaiv Vasyl Kapatsyna. The owner made a commitment to pay the former employees of the yard salary arrears of more than UAH 90 million, which was done.

In April 2019, Ocean Shipyard LLC (which has been managing the Shipyard since January 2019) received the first state order – repair of a dredger for AMPU, in autumn 2019 a contract was signed with the Dutch company Eurobulk for the construction of 2 barges, as well as another foreign contract for the modernization of the bulk carrier river-sea class.

Today, the Ocean shipyard employs about 700 employees; in 2019, the yard paid almost UAH 45 million in taxes to budgets of all levels.

Ocean shipyard needs engineers and helps train personnel for the industry

Ocean shipyard`s CEO Viktor Trubach signed a four-way cooperation agreement with Admiral Makarov National Shipbuilding University, Mykolayiv Navy Lyceum and Institute of Impulse Processes and Technologies of NAS of Ukraine.

“I am very glad that we concluded such an agreement and I think that this is a very significant event, because the company’s shareholder and management, we pay very much attention to personnel policy. We clearly understand that cadres decide everything – these are not empty words for us. Today we are conducting a fairly large-scale campaign for the selection of personnel, qualified personnel. The key task of our enterprise is to return our workers, engineers from abroad, to give them a normal place of work in Mykolaiv, in our native country. Physics, mathematics – this is important for engineering specialties. Engineers are needed by the shipyard, engineers are needed by Ukraine”, – said Victor Trubach.

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Shipyard in port mode will unload 28 ships with wind generators

Ocean shipyard accepts for unloading vessels with sets of wind generator parts to be installed in the Kherson region. For a large-scale operation, the capacities of the dry dock and the yard area are involved. After unloading from ships, parts of wind generators are loaded onto cars and transported to the installation site. In total, the shipyard will receive 28 vessels with sets of parts for 60 wind generators.

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ALICE is repaired and eager to work

Another repaired vessel was launched on the morning of 9 August. Ocean Shipyard has repaired the common cargo vessel – ALICE. The works were carried out within 2 months (from June 3 to August 9, the ship was in the dry dock).
Works on painting, replacement of metal, repair of bottom-outboard fittings, screw-steering complex. 150 employees of the Ocean Plant and 200 subcontractors worked to bring the ship back to life.